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Vape Art


Akin to traditional smoke rings, today’s vape users are pushing boundaries that go well beyond tricks to uplifting and mind-expanding vapor art.

Austin Lawrence publishes online videos of himself making beautiful figures, kinetic sculptures that would be at home in any art museum. He includes intricate designs moving through and wrapping around more static structures. He uses his hands to create and manipulate pressure pockets in the air around his structures and to transform their shapes into new, elaborate designs.

Titus Edwards, or “King Titus,” is considered among the world’s best vape artists. His signature technique is to sculpt jellyfish that appear to swim through the air. Like Lawrence, Edwards uses kinetic vapor sculpture to lead his viewer through unexpected visual occurrences and levels of thought.

Louis Amore is a photographer who often focuses on people as subjects. He created a series of expressive and beautiful depictions of people puffing out vapor, in which the vapor plays a big role in the artistic display of their personalities.

Vape artists typically use box mods, box-shaped vaporizers with advanced features that provide control over factors like vapor density and tank capacity.

The box mod style is also large enough to provide a canvas on which manufacturers can create art, making self-expression available to anyone. Consumers can buy mods that look like starship hardware or perfume bottles. They are available in simple box shapes with designs painted on them or intricate architectural sculptures. Designs include everything from pictures to psychedelic swirls, flat colors to bright metallics, and smooth surfaces to visible textures.

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