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The Life Of Spike Milligan


Through a BBC Online vote, Spike Milligan was declared the funniest comedian of the previous millennium. He is well known for the Goon Show, a creation he embarked on with Michael Bentine. He was born to an English mother and an Irish father in India. Although he attempted to adopt the British nationality, he was unsuccessful because he was required to swear an allegiance oath upon the crown. He refused to take the oath and stated taking the oath in the company of a large group of foreigners was utterly ridiculous. As an alternative, he received an Irish passport.

His service during World War II in the Artillery was the inspiration for Hitler, My Part in His Downfall, the title of his autobiography. Years after the event occurred, his book became a best seller. The concept behind the Goons was developed with Spike Milligan’s friends from the army because their experiences were so similar. This included Michael Bentine, Peter Sellers, and Harry Secombe. The series was sold to the BBC, began airing in 1951, and continued running through 1960. The last episode was titled the Very Last Goon Show of All.

Spike Milligan took over all the writing for the script in 1972, towards the beginning of the first series. Unfortunately, this caused him to suffer from manic depression and enormous strain that followed him for the rest of his life. Series Q was a TV sketch show that originated with the Goon Show, A lot of his sketches did not have a punch or finish-line. These sketches ended when the cast were walking towards the camera asking what they were going to do now, although they sometimes merged into another skit that was completely unrelated.

Spike Milligan had a reputation for being difficult to get along with. Despite the fact the Prince of Wales was one of his grandest fans, he famously described him as a Groveling little bastard during the British Comedy Awards. He did apologize afterward, and the apology was obviously successful because in 2001 he was knighted. In Room 101 of the BBC series, Portsmouth was memorably consigned to oblivion by Spike Milligan. This is believed to have resulted due to his experiences in the war. He gained the title of master or repartee during a party when he was told he was Spike Milligan. His response was he was aware of who he was, and his recommendation was to go home and discover your own identity.

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